Jubilee Christmas

We are so Blessed to have been the host of our 11th Annual Daviess County Jubliee Christmas program. December 10 2017 First Christian Church and Westminster Presbyterian parner up and creat an evening of gift shopping and wrapping for our local families. The parents enjoyed the trips to the Jubilee Shop selecting and wrapping gifts for their kiddos to open on Christmas morning.,

This is what one parent says Jubilee Christmas meant to her:

“The program helps us because I am disabled and on limited incomeand it shows that there are people out there that care about othersand that care about their families. I was raised on miracles and to believe an not to ever give-up, no matter what. That is how I want mykids to do and to believe always that God gave His only Son to help usand that there is a time and season for everything and He provides allthe time.”

“What does the Lord Require of you, but to do Justice, Love Kindenss and Walk Humbly with your God” Micha 6:8

The Power House

The Power House is a teen center that offers a positive atmosphere after school where youths can do homework or just hang out in a safe environment. Modeled after other PowerHouses in Indiana, offerings have expanded to include sports leagues, wilderness trips and other activities, according to Director Sean Terry. – See more at: http://www.washtimesherald.com/local/x535470724/PowerHouse-reaches-out-to-families#sthash.o8nSz9Pk.dpuf

We support the Power House youth ministry with gas money for trips, tickets to concerts, some occations food and volunteers when asked. The Power House has done some amazing things in our comuntiy for the young folks age 14 -18.

Reverse Offering

Westminster Presbyterian Church starts their reverse offering for the month of November of can goods and other non-perishable food items. Everyone picks up a food item from the offering plate for the four weeks prior to Thanksgiving and brings in as much as they can afford to buy. This is our way of replenishing the food pantry called , Feed My Sheep

This year we collected 381 pounds of food.

​In 2017 we gave over $883.00 for food to be purchased.

Change for Change Missions

Donate your spare cahnge to make a lasting impact in your community Below are some of the initiatives we support. Each week we drop our extra change in a change bucket and assign a program to give it to.

Daviess County Security Center’s Inside Out Program was able to have a wonderful Christmas party for its granduates. Wesminster Presbyterian was able to donate $300.00 to this program thanks to our change for change offering.

Each week we drop our extra change in a change bucket and assign a program to give it too.  The last quarter of the year went to this Inside out Dad’s program.  The detainees are trained by the center to be good dad’s thus preparing them for there re-entry into their families lives.

Lighthouse mission is a place for people to come and meet and a place where men can come to recover, there was the growing need for place where women can also go to recover. Again the search was on for another center to be born. Through the grace of God the founders of the Lighthouse were able to obtain the old county farm located outside the city limits, on the edge of town. The county farm is a four story building with several outside buildings including a barn and laundry facilities. The decision was made to move the men’s facility to “the farm” and open the Main Street facility to the women in need.

Westminister Pesbyterian was able, through our Change for Change offering to help with $350.00 this year.

The need for items for a child of any age on the spot was one of the driving forces behind the creating a organization that could help supply children with items they needed on the spot. Cates, Kelsey and their friend Natalee Woodward joined forces to create “Gabriel’s Mark,” an organization that collects both gently used and new toys, clothing, and baby items in Greene, Sullivan, Daviess and Martin counties.

For more information on Gabriel’s Mark or to make a donation, find them on Facebook or email gabrielsmark2013@yahoo.com. More information on becoming a CASA volunteer can be obtained by contacting Shelby McDannald at 698-2861.

Baby Bottle Boomerang fundraising program God has placed Options Pregnancy Resource Centers (OPRC) in our community to help minister to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. We are able to carry on our work because of the generous donations of concerned churches and individuals. As a Christian ministry, we do not receive any government funding. In 2008, OPRC ministered to over 1000 women who are currently, or who have been, involved in a crisis pregnancy. Some of the free services we provide to our clients include: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, peer counseling, community referrals, parenting classes and material needs such as maternity clothes, baby clothes and diapers.